Curvature combine with plain surface

Hi everyone. I am relatively new to Shapr

3d, and I have been working on a project very well until I found a challenge with the attached form. I tried everything I got in my mind, and I couldn’t get it done. If anyone has a suggestion, it will be very much appreciated.

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Interesting and challenging. Do you have a side view and perhaps a 3/4 view?

I don’t have a different view but let me try to do a hand sketch.

I agree. Looks fun.
I’m busy at work at the moment but I’d like to give it a shot as well.

If the surface can be made directly, it can replace the rhinoceros software. Making this picture model is a very complicated process in this software, which is not impossible at present, but very complicated.

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I like this shape! Here’s a not so short video about a possible approach. It is not the most accurate model and thankfully to the last extrusion I badly made the inner edge has an issue so it cannot be filleted around, but it kinda mimics the example. Can’t wait to see some other solution


Wow, nice job Peter. I looked at this a bit yesterday and totally missed that you could use an ellipse for that wider part. In my mind that was flat. Now it all seems so clear on how to do it. Well done.

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Excellent solution Peter. I’d never have thought of that.

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Wow!!! Pretty close. Very good process really god Peter. Thanks for sharing
I am going to try it.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad that I could share some ideas. Please don’t forget to share the end result!

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Thank you very much for your help. here is the final product.