really looking forward to seeing how this app develops. right now feel like we’re missing some key aspects for establishing a fluid workflow :

  • FULLY customizable shortcuts / hotkeys / navigation controls

  • custom pie / marking menus

  • live instance mirroring ( or did i miss this in the windows version ) so we can evaluate a design when concepting on the fly


you have the opportunity to ’ steal ’ a lot of concept artists away from fusion 360 if these options are implemented ( as an initial selling point and pitch )

Hi – welcome on board! We do indeed plan to provide a great alternative to Fusion360 :slight_smile:

Customizable navigation controls & shortcuts are coming very soon. Also the ability to reach actions/commands quickly from the keyboard – something already available on the Mac.

We are investigating pie menus – it’s indeed a bit of a hassle to keep moving the mouse to the side of the screen on larger displays. Command search paved the way for that, we are working on how to evolve it further.

I’m not sure what you mean by “live instance mirroring” though – could you explain it in details?

i was thinking in maya terms when i made that post but this vid of blender’s mirror modifier describes the concept as well as :

Thanks, this video explains it really well. No, we don’t have this feature yet, but we’ll look into it (no promises at the moment though).

I was just thinking of linked duplicates the other day. Would be a great addition. Change one, change them all, unlink when booleaned with other body.

Any update on customising the hot keys

Near 2024 and no custom hotkeys :frowning: … it’s a bit difficult to switch each time, if you switch to another software…

As any company, we always need to prioritize our investments and customizable shortcuts was something that we had to put behind the several other improvements we worked on in the past year. All I can say is that we hear you and fully understand the use case and that these features are still on our radar, but I can’t make any promises about the exact timeline for delivery.