Cylinder with differant dimensions at both ends

Hello all! I’ve only been using Shapr3d for a week now so forgive me if this is basic. I’m trying to create a cylinder with differant dimensions at both ends. Like a funnel. So at one end I want the radius to be 10cm and at the other end I want it to be 15cm. I cant seem to find how to adjust the dimensions at the other end. Thanks for the help!

Hi, welcome to the forum. You can create the cylinder using the Extrude Tool and then adjust its Draft Angle to get a different dimension on the other end - then rescale the sides of the cylinder to get a funnel shape.
Here’s a video showing what I tried to explain:


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Awesome! Thanks for the help, I’ll try it when I get home!

Is there an easy way to get back to the forum after viewing the above video without exiting the app? I haven’t found it yet.

Hi Tommy - I think no :frowning: we will use a different app if this issue will continue to persist.

@Freyguy55 you can scale the upper face as well edge move, here is an article on how:

  1. Select the face
  2. Go to Scale tool
  3. Add rate of scale
  4. Tap Done

Daniel! This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank yo so much!:call_me_hand:

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@DanielR it worked perfectly but it gives me a custom scale percentage not a measurement. And when I select the newly scaled face it doesnt give me the radius or diameter at the bottom so I’m basically shooting in the dark on if it’s the right size or not. Is there any way to get the size of the top face of the cylinder after it’s been scaled?? Hopefully this makes sense. Its frustrating how I cant just adjust every face of an object to the exact measurement I want.

Yes, this is currently a limitation - we will see what we can do. Like in your particular case, you would put 150%, but I understand it’s not always this easy :slight_smile:

Use the Scale method. First, do a little math. Take small dia (10cm) and divide by larger dia (15cm) = 0.667.

Create cylinder of 15cm dia and make to desired height. Use translate tool to scale top face by .667. The top dia of the cylinder is now 10cm.


Thanks for all the help but I actually found an easier way on Shapr3d instagram page by Bohdan Skoblia. Create 2 circles with your dimensions. Raise the bigger circle with the transform tool. Select the loft tool and then select both faces!! Its super easy and theres no math involved! Haha thanks again everyone!


Good for you! Using Loft is indeed a simpler way.

Can I ask one more related question…? If I wanted to vertically slice the resulting funnel shape, what’s the best way to do that — using the subtract tool or ? All of this is stretching my imagination beyond what I’m used to… lol

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Never mind… I found out how …