Need help with a simple thing lol

I’m new of course, and older, so please be kind, I want to make a simple vacuum adapter that is 2.5" at the Bottom and like say 1.25 at the top, like a cylinder tube.

I viewed tutorials and figured out how to make a cylinder and extrude it, so I end up with a 2.5 inside diameter tube, but how do I add or change the top part to pleasingly taper down to the 1.25" ?

I seen a loft believe is what I want looks like i can make 2 separate pieces maybe then loft them together? I was watching his guy make a pail in a tutorial and he was able to split it and then loft the 2 pieces together that gave that different dimension that i think i need, but not sure how to tackle what I am sure is an easy thing to do for you guys… Thank you

Try this: Make a cylinder. Select the top of the cylinder and choose “Sketch”. Draw another circle to extrude another slightly smaller cylinder (for a slight step as is common for vacuum attachments) to extrude again… Then select the top of that cylindar and choose the “Scale” tool. Scale it to the desired taper. Select both bodies and union them together. Select the top and choose the “Shell” tool. That will make it a container. Inside the container , select the bottom and extrude outward to make it a tube.

You might not have to use the union tool. Still on my first coffee. It’s early in the PNW.

The single most important thing to remember is most surfaces can become you next sketch point. Planes, planes are your next best friend for sketching.