Defining locations for geometry

I just purchase an iPad Pro and started to learn Shapr3D. I have been modeling 10 years with Sketchup and there was a time also when I was learning Blender but I newer was able to move to Blender because Sketchup was just so much simple to use. I really want to learn Shapr3D because I think that it is the future (tablet, apple pencil, etc.).

Could somebody give me some hints? What would be a good workflow to position different geometries in Shapr3D? For example, what would be the logic of positioning these circles in the sketch? I am still so “stuck” in Sketchup but I understand that I need to adopt new ways/logic to do different things. I mean what could be the steps in creating the holes that are for example 32.4mm and 12.8/14.0mm from the edge of the border?

In Sketchup I would naturally use the the Tape Measure Tool to create the guiding geometry (offsetting construction lines from the edges of the geometry) and then draw the circles with defined radius in the guiding points. I would assume that in Shapr3D the logic would be to first draw the circles with defined radius and then somehow define the locations for these circles.


You can use the Offset tool to establish the circle centers. Then just draw circles near the points: move circles as needed and redimension the radii as needed. Trim the offset positioning lines. Les voila!

Quick and easy…

If you watch the many excellent tutorials, this becomes self-evident.

Hope this helps…




Or if you select the center of the circle and the line, you can set the distance between the two.

Thanks for this offset tip! This does the job after trimming the extra lines.

I have been watching the tutorials. These are great help but maybe I have been watching even too many because it is already getting difficult to remember what functionalities where introduced in which video.