Deleting imported pics


I imported a photo to use as a tracing layer but now I want to delete the photo - how would I do this? I found you can control opacity in the groups menu but can I delete and also resize and change the photo after I have placed it?


To delete the imported photo you would goto Groups and the 4th icon is the images icon, once you click it you should see your photo. If you swipe the photo to the left you should see the delete feature like in the below image.

I hope this helps.


Also, you can use the “DELETE” tool, activate it and just select the image you want to delete.

Just like you would delete any other shape or object.

To resize an image:

  • Go to Trasform menu
  • Select Freeform
  • Select the image you want to modify
  • The arrows will appear and you can use those to resize / reposition