How to delete complex sketch

I’m new to Shapr3D and not an engineer. Casual hobby user. Designing a pool and deck. I have found a much better way to draw the pool and want to delete the existing. Every time I select portions of it to delete I’m told that the app can’t heal the wound. I finally managed to select enough individual elements to move the whole thing away from the deck that surrounded it on 3 sides. Now I want to delete it. I’d like to be able to stretch a rubber band around it and have it all be selected, but I don’t see that kind of functionality. I’ve deleted some faces, but I’m not allowed to delete many of the rest.

Hi @rdiddly Welcome to the Forum

Double Click on the Body you want to Delete.
The whole Body has to be Selected before it can be Deleted.

If that does not resolve your problem please shout.

Happy S3Ding

Yeah, that didn’t work. The problem I think is that I had too many smaller components in the model that were just artifacts. I was actually able to double-click on a piece of it and move it. Then, when it was separated from everything else, I was able to delete it. Then I was able to delete the rest of it.

Please Tap on Items [bottom left], when the panel slides open you should be able to see all the Bodies listed separately.
Tap the appropriate Eye Icon to Hide a Body
Do not Delete anything at this stage, but to see the other options Swipe Left on the Vertical Bar at the end of the appropriate List Entry:

Tap in individual Items Blue Bar on left partial Selection and Full Blue complete Selection:

Good stuff Gelphyn. Thanks.