Deleting or removing parts of your drawing and 3D printing

Attached is an item I’m making, how doi delete parts that are not attached to the actual drawing, for instance below image a there is a small solid that I want to remove. Also part a I would like to remove from the rest of the drawing. Image b I made for 3D printing, do you have to have a support from the bed of your printer in order for the printer to create the part and how much material do you need for support?

To delete something you can double tap it and it will turn blue. You will see a Delete button at the bottom of your tools on the left.

Are you asking if you need to draw in the 3D printer support? I never draw the support for my 3D printer my slicer (Cura) adds the necessary support to print the part.

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I tried to print without making a support and this is the result. It was moving all over the place and was not structurally sound so I stopped the print. Any idea why this happens?

What software do you use to slice your model?

That model will need support for sure. But often the slicer can be used to add the support for you if you enable that.

Here is an example in Cura:

I have been using Slic3r, I downloaded Cura, but there is no printer support in the menu of available printers.

Did you try these settings?


Adding Ender6 to Cura:

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Great video, thanks for sharing and I just took off the support materials…Thank you.

Prusa slicer has the ability to break the object into it’s components and place them individually or even delete them from the print job. Check your Slicer for that capability.