Trying to use Union to merge objects

In the attached file, I have the four slices joined together by a cylinder at the top. I can use Union to join one slice with the cylinder, but after that all I get is “Boolean Operation Failed”. What am I doing wrong? All five objects intersect at the top.

Support_01.shapr (18.8 KB)

For some reason Shapr3D does not like the sharp points. I don’t know if it’s a Parasolid issue or a Shapr3D issue. Anyway, it works if you extend the small cylinder upward above the sharp points.

Thank you Mike, good catch.

Another question related to this. I’m new to 3D printing, but before I made the cylinder and the slices monolithic and exported it to the printer, the slicing algorithm didn’t require supports, but now it does. No big deal, other than a waste of filament. Do you see anything obvious I could change to avoid this? It added support under the peak.

Do you intend to have that open dome feature throughout the platform? Meaning 12 domes instead of just the one at the corner?

If so, I would do a test print of the one dome corner without supports. If it prints fine, great. If it fails, which I think it will, do it again with supports. After that, remove the supports to see how well the underside is. If all good then do the final print of a 12 dome platform. The part is not very big and the amount of filament for supports is negligible in my opinion. Besides, a bit of wasted filament is worth the learning and experimenting experience. Good luck.

Sounds good, thank you. The dome will be in all twelve circles, but it’s a one time thing so I’ll leave the supports in. I just wasn’t sure if my drawing was flawed somehow, but after printing it, it seems rock solid.

Mike, could you give me a quick explanation how you cut away that corner? I managed to do it, but it was a hack and I’m sure there is a better way.

I created a couple of construction planes and used Split Body.

Perfect, thank you. I’ve got to get better versed in construction planes.

Mike, another question.

In the model above, is there a way to grab the bottom edge of the slices and rotate them while leaving the top stationary, creating something like a pinwheel effect? Or is that something I would have had to plan for ahead of time?