Difficulty adding to group

I’m having difficult add a newly raised object to its own group (object was raise from existing surface/object after drawing sketch on that object) . As you can see in the screenshot below, I can select the individual box if I’m changing the color but if I want to add it to its own group (or even transport it) the lasso automatically selects the object beneath it too.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I also tried to add a plane with 0" offset but same exact thing happened. Please help me.

fullsizeoutput_357c fullsizeoutput_357e

Hi -

can you please send the workspace? Also, in the first pic did you select the faces one-by-one or the body with a double-tap.

in the first pic, I used two single taps; if I double tap, then it will select the cube along with the base. the second pic was a single tap in the Add to Group selection.

Can you elaborate please on sending the workspace?

Single tap selects face, double tap selects body. I assume the body -as it was extruded was set to an automatic Union.

If you recreate the extrusion, you will see a small badge next to your dimensions - tap on it, and select New body function. This will give you two separate bodies.

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aaah… AWESOME!!!

this would work but out of curiosity, is there a way to change an existing , previously made extrusion to “new body” ?

You can, but requires creating a copy, and subtracting one part from the original, and the other from the copy,