Selecting all faces in a shape to make a group


I made an empty lidless box like this:

  • create a face by joining 4 lines in to a square
  • selecting face
  • extruding upward to make a cube
  • select top face
  • offset to a 2nd face
  • push that through almost to other side
  • now I’ve got a 5 sided empty box

Now I can find no way to select all the parts and manipulate them as a unit. They always leave some bits behind. Any ideas?

Just double tap with the Pencil on the body.

Hi istvan. Thanks, that’s what I’m doing though, but if I transform and move, I get faces left behind.

Can you post a video?

Great idea, am a few hours away though, but will do so. Thanks

  • Glenn Davy

Hi istvan, you’ll see the two faces left behind at end of movie:


Those are the sketches you created before. Closed sketches filled automatically. You can delete them by selecting the filling or the sketches, or from the groups menu.

I didn’t create any sketches before? Or are they the faces I extruded from, but theyr’e not included in the final solid shape? So, if that’s the case, they’d never have become apparent if I hadn’t have done the move transform. Do people typically just leave them there in place? Or move the shape, delete them then move back the shape as a matter of routine?