Digital Micrometer 1


2 screenshots … One with edges lines off and one with edge lines on … overlay images and erase some edge lines in Affinity Photo… :sunglasses:


You really do with love.

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Thank You!!! Yes I do. I’m enormously enjoying Shapr3D as a newbie still. Maybe it’s that new romance feeling that inevitably wears off? Nah, I just love to doodle… :crazy_face:

“I love you just the way you are”… Billy Joel

That’s what I personally think of Shapr3D…:+1:t2:


Glad to have you with us here.

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Thank You again!!! Indeed a pleasure and honor to be here!!! :+1:t2::sunglasses:

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Nice but I only see 1 screenshot. Is it just me?



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Thank You!!!

Two screen shots, two images combined to make one that you’re currently looking at… :sunglasses:

I did the overlay in Affinity Photo…

Doodle on!!! I really like your work. The knurling on the adjustment shank is impressive.

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Thank You very much Bill!!!


How did you create the roughening at the handle?
I‘m trying to sharpen my design-skills and have no idea how to cut the work down to a manageable amount of work…

Cheers Chris


The knurl is a revolve subtract and a linear subtract.

It’s all preference. You can do a v shape or a what ever shape you want. You can make it a separate identity / component and have it available if you plan on using knurled surfaces a lot…

I just did a quick doodle of this one to give you an idea…

Once you have a pattern you like, you can scale it up or down to fit the surface you’re going to knurl…

This sample is around .030 cut in depth and the spacing is larger which is a bit aggressive but stands out more if that makes sense… :crazy_face:

I should note, this is how I did the knurl appearance on this doodle. I don’t save sketches … I delete them almost immediately once I’m done with them in the file … for the most part I don’t save files, I might do it totally different next week…

I do save the images… :sunglasses: