Problems with Boolean failing

I’m experimenting with creating knurling but I was unable to union all of the individual pieces to subtract from the cylinder. It just said the union failed. So I resorted to subtracting them one by one. I can only get a few to work and then it either does not recognize the selection to subtract, fails or creates a totally misformed shape. Any idea how to do this? Why is it not working?

Not sure how to help you out with what you created and your current workflow. Here is a knurl I was playing with a few months ago. It consists of two variations.
And, here’s the Shapr3D file if it interests you.
Knurl.shapr (8.2 MB)


hi, @TigerMike
Can you tell me how you made this knurl surface?

Hello Mike @TigerMike,

I too as a newbie with Shapr3D have been struggling for some time to be able to make a ‘Knurling surface’ like you made myself. I got stuck on it unfortunately.

Is it possible to make a video of the required actions and share it with us? Thanks in advance for your efforts.

I assume you’ll be able to start with a cylinder and spiral triangle body via Revolve.
Make an oversized tube and subtract the spiral body creating an internal spiral. Then mirror the oversized tube with internal spiral so it is in the reverse direction. Then subtract the newly created external tube from the spiral body. Hope that helps @tayfun1907 and @Jan-Willem.


Whoow… What a quick response. Thank you so much @TigerMike!
I’m going to try to reproduce it and link my experience back to you.

Glad to help. Let me know if either of you need further clarification.


thank you so much @TigerMike :clap: :clap:

Hello @tayfun1907 and @TigerMike. It took some puzzling and trial and error, but I finally found the right method to create the knurl profile as per your description in the video. Top!

I just colored it yellow…

Have you come up with a design yet Tayfun?


Several years ago, @TigerMike helped me with a knurl project. I was recreating knobs for commercial aircraft retirement awards.


Yes, I made a design and with the help of @TigerMike , I created the pattern I wanted.

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Hello @tayfun1907. Good to read that things worked out to your satisfaction.

I am still trying to expand my knowledge and make some refinements, but am running into an annoying problem.

When I make the knurl finer (smaller), the program is calculating for minutes to get to the final result… Have you experienced this as well?

I am using a MacBook Pro M1. Are you also working with an Apple device via OS or IOS tablet or Windows version?

hello @Jan-Willem,

Yes, I had the same situation, I had to wait for minutes when I created small patterns. My computer is an iMac with i5 processor. It took me 1 hour just to create this simple shape.

Hi All,
Boolean operations tend to require significant performance from the device especially if there are hundreds of elements that should interact with each other.

The Boolean process can be faster if you apply the tool to a smaller set of models. At the end, you will have to click and tap more, but the waiting time is more acceptable.

As a result of applying the tool on smaller batches, error handling is also easier as you instantly see where could be a problem with the involved bodies.


Thanks @KPeter for your explanation. To be honest, I didn’t think about the fact that a lot of math is needed ‘behind the scenes’, for this operation.

Your advice I will definitely try out!

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