Double Locator Cube

Not sure how it happened but at some point while working on the house plan design the location cube (I’m sure it has another name) duplicated. Both would move together with the main one and both were fully functional. It remained when I changed designs but was reset to normal by restarting the app.

It’s not really a problem but I thought others might find it interesting.

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This is a known issue that we can not reproduce, and trying to find for quite a while.


a code doesn’t end when you close a design.

Activity? Maybe?

This is a screenshot from another post I made recently, and I was wondering if anyone would notice, :wink:.
From what I’ve seen, this happens when I run split screen (I sometimes have a calculator or notes app going while I’m sketching some designs.)
The second axis cube seems to appear when I close/swipe the second app away and leave split screen mode.
This doesn’t seem happen all the time, but if I can figure out what replicates the phenomenon, I’ll screen record it…

That might have been it. I slid the messages app on top of S3d and then slid it away before noticing the second cube. :thinking: