Education Projects for High School Students

Hi all,
Does anyone have a fun project for beginning high school students?

What do you mean by fun project?

I think a book stand or a laptop stand would be very practical and fun :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

How about getting them to re-invent something. For example a hair comb unlike any they have seen before. Simple things that they can put their take on.

Further, make it like a product going to market. Make the product package as well.

Hi there,
You should check out some of the Webinars hosted by Class Kuhnen.
Many could be use as a project such as the face shield, which was popular during the pandemic and recently he posted a Youtube video for making some bathtub toys. Again, check the variety of webinars.

Have them model and print their own phone cases. It’s a pretty simple rectangular shape that’ll introduce basic modeling techniques such as fillets, chamfers, drawing on different planes, projecting, etc. They’ll be so excited that they dont have to hide their phone for once that you’ll probably get some pretty cool custom cases from it. Plus most dimensions are already listed on the manufactures site so that would be your job getting the right numbers for them by reinforcing why accurate measurements and knowing how to use calipers are vital to this type of work.

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