Error Messages - even on new, small files

I’m getting the following error messages on any file, whether new or previously done. These are all simple, basic files with one or a couple of parts drawn. The messages show up when I try to fillet or chamfer a closed spline based shape.

  1. Range of blend on face is too large
  2. Wrong parameters passed to blend algorithm
    I’m on an iPad Pro 2 with 512GB and 473GB free storage and only one or two apps open.

I’m not suggesting it’s the same thing but, as an analogy, it reminds me of situations many years ago when computer memory was much more limited where my Adobe Illustrator scratch disk would get filled up and where certain apps were not fully clearing deleted files, both leading to lack of available RAM.

Hi - Not sure if it really is a memory issue. If you could send a workspace ( we can have a look. - Daniel

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It’s not a memory issue. Error messages are not (necessarily) bugs. Eg. “Range of blend is too large” means that the blend with the given radius can not be created, because it would generate an invalid body. That’s usually a modeling issue. The other error message is a bit misleading, and can mean quite a few different issues, but all of them are modeling problems.

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I have this issue too. If I make a spline based shape & extrude it I get the same errors when I try to chamfer/fillet the edge. Same shape & fillet in other parasolid modelling programs not a problem.

Can you provide an example? It would be really helpful.

I have the same problem. When I try to champfer the ribs to casing with R25 I get “Range of blend on face is too large”. I do not have a chance to enter the 25 mm as I immediately get the message when I select the edge and try to pull the arrow. Ok, the casing is really large with respect tp the radius, it is about 3 m in diameter.
I don’t know what I could make better in modelling. I created the casing body, than 1 rib and rotated the necessary copies around the axis. Afterward I united all ribs with the casing, so it’s just 1 body now.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated

Hi Franz, I am afraid that is the same issue that Istvan described. Somewhere along the arc, there would be an invalid result. In your model, the issue I guess will be somewhere around the endpoints of the arc.
If you could show us a cross-section of the area between the rib, that would be really helpful.

Hi Peter,

thanks a lot for your quick reply.
I checked the model again with respect to any problem along the edge with the torus body and found a problem at the end of the rib. The rib’s outer edge was not tangent to the torus which made it impossible to champfer the edge all around (see picture).
After correction the champfering worked well.

Thanks for pushing me in the right direction.
Happy 2021