Existing models as shared assets

Is there any plan to allow existing models from other designs to be imported into working model as a “referenced” asset.

Example, it I were to design a speaker model to represent a vintage KLH loudspeaker, I recognize that I can then import that into another design (say a living room layout or bedroom layout) and use it within that new design. I realize I can use that in multiple different designs as well. But, let’s say that the model is representative of a modern piece of furniture/equipment/product/etc that is still actively developed and updated. If an update is made to that item and I update my model to reflect that (color change, dimensional change, badging, etc.) it would be nice to have that new model reloaded in every design that uses it the next time I open those designs.

My proposal would be to build a system that allows you to import the model as an asset that references back to the original model. It would allow updates to the model to be realized in each design that uses it without having to delete the current asset embedded in the model and then reimport a new asset and then re-locate it within the model. This behavior may not always be of benefit though, so if a change to the asset occurs, when a design that references that model tries to update it there should be a dialog that asks if you want to accept the change or keep the previous version of the model.

I feel like I have heard this discussed before but I can not find a reference to it now. Apologies if I am beating a dead horse and missed an established thread.