Export as GLB please

Dear Shapr3d!

could you guys please please add a GLB export format. Most of further display apps or routines wants GLB-files as source files only.

Windows-Shapr3D users have no export function for exporting object&textures together. All you can do is to steal a Macbook to export in Apples USDZ-format.
After that, you have to load it in many of strange online-converters trying to convert the USDZ into GLB. Mostly, while converting between all the sytems and internet-portals you’re model looses it’s position, it’s size and alignment in the room and sometimes the textures also looses parts of their properties. So you can’t use it. That’s frustrating!

I love to work with Shapr3D but without the GLB export it is only useful for printing, but not for advanced product placements and visualizing.

thanks for reading :slight_smile: