Export To Slicer (On Desktop)

Would be amazing to hit “export to slicer” button that would open Prusa, Cura, Bambu Studio et al.

This would make it super easy while prototyping to quickly send stuff to your slicer programmes without needing to create an STL or 3MF file that’s just used for transferring.

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With my workflow, I find the extra step of saving to STL or 3MF is advantageous. I use Simplify3D as my slicer. If I’m just tweaking a model after having set it up in the slicer and save it with the same file name, Simplify3D will detect the file change and offer to update the model. This is especially handy if I’ve set up manual supports and/or a specific layout of multiple models. I’m not sure how many other slicers support this feature.