Prototyping shortcuts ONE CLICK!

The problem is there are a lot of clicks from the selected object or object part to file.

Can I achieve without? Yes
Is it boring and annoying to do as it is right now? Yes

I would like it a lot, if I could export a model to file by pressing an icon to desired formats without intervention like choosing a file format, and naming and choosing destination. No popup screens, no nagscreens. Name it as it is named in the items bar. Destination as set in the config.

For example I would use 3MF (printing) and STEP (working together on parts with friends as there is no colab yet), don’t show the others for me, let me select what to show on the workplane and/or context menu.


  • what shortcuts to show
  • destination for each
  • maybe choose apps directly send to webpage, mail, slicer


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That would simplify my life as well. It would be great if we could turn off the exports that are not/never used (we never use STEP/3MF etc). They just are not relevant to us.

We ONLY use the Shapr3D format (for saving) and OBJ for export to Maya (for cleanup and convert triangles to quads).

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Best would be to directly send to an app like Orcaslicer or Bambulab.