Feature request - change unit format in calc

I work mostly in inch and metric, when in inch i find myself changing from fractional to decimal often. This for example would be great if you could select it via the calc popup instead of going back to the button next to the view button in the upper right hand.

Additionally would be nice for it to function like a calculator in terms of - if i click on a dimension say 0.324

  1. Select a object/line to modify
  2. Calculator popup, value is 0.324
  3. Select “+”
  4. Select “0.1”
  5. Select “enter”
  6. Value returned to user “0.424” and the associated line adjusts

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Great suggestion!



I Also think about this, it would be nice if the calculator could do arithmetic, such as we want rotate 5 times of a profile, we can write in the pop up calc as : 5 * 360