Calculator in dimensioning tool

Is there any way to enter math in the dimension tool? I prefer designing in metric, but many of my materials and tooling are described using SAE/imperial measurements. It’s tiresome to always need a calculator app open to make the conversion. For example, it would be quite nice to be able to type something like 25.4/0.25 when I need to use ¼” fastener or tool. (Adobe Illustrator has this feature, and I’ve gotten a bit spoiled by it.)

What I have tried:
Switching back and forth the units
This works, but is fairly tedious. Popping out of Shapr3D and over to my calculator is faster. It would be nice to not have to leave the app, though.

Suggestion for the Shapr3D team
If implementing a calculator in the dimensioning tool isn’t possible, maybe add unit text that make the calculation? For example, being able to type “0.25 in” and have it make the conversion would be very convenient. (Adobe Illustrator also supports this, if you all are curious to see such a thing in action. Again, I have become a little spoiled by it.)

Does anyone have a better way that they accomplish this?
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Both should be a basic part of the modeling interface. The whole point of software is to make mundane tasks either automated or at least simple.
Basic maths, + - / * is all that’s really required
Conversions on the fly also helpful. If your model is set up in metric adding “ converts to imperial. Eg type 1” enters as 25.4. If your model is imperial add mm to convert.