Filling in a imported file

I’m having issues with a file that I’ll in port but I don’t know how to fill it because every time i print it’s is too thin, thanks for anyone’s help

How about some more specifics. What file format did you import? Is it an STL file?
Can you share a picture of it?
I assume you exported from Shapr3D, right? Were the units set to mm when you exported?

thank you so much for answering so fast and it is a stl, also have a obj and the units are mm , yes I did export from shapr3d I am also trying to put a shape into the object

Are you talking about filling the underside of the car body?
Can I assume the wall thickness of the car body is similar to model kit?

There are limitations on what you can do to an STL file. I consider them like a ‘read only’ file. You can’t measure anything from them directly. You can do some simple booleans like Subtract and Union.

what files is there I can modify ?

Here’s what Shapr3D can import. I assume the ones you can modify are the first five and stopping at STL. I’m speaking of models and not drawings or images.
Can you elaborate on what exactly you wish to do?

I have used STL files where, as an example, I would subtract and make a hole, then place a body to that hole with some mechanical features. I purposely don’t perform a Union because if you do, that body becomes part of the STL mesh file (read only). I would then export that hybrid model (STL file + body) as a new STL file and perform a print. No problem. By keeping the body embedded but separate from the STL allows you to make mods if you need to. Most slicers will see the STL as one entity. I think Simplify3D gets confused and messes up.

Hi @mf_lobos,
Shapr3D is a CAD modeling software, designed to work with the most common CAD file formats like STEP, IGES, X_T. Most CAD software can only import mesh files like STL or OBJ as a read-only file, we have a limited toolset for them, the Booleans.
The problem is a CAD and a mesh file differs in a lot of things. Not mentioning the maths behind it, if you take a look at that R32, it does not have any curved surface just smaller or larger mesh polygons. While if you create any curved shape in Shapr3D, it is curved for real.

The print issue however may be caused by an open mesh. If you could make it closed in a mesh editor, you will not have to fill it.