Find the right way to work - multiple bodies in one project

Hello All. Moving sketches and their corresponding bodies simultaneously is not possible.

If you have a composite design within one project (read: multiple bodies) then it is not always possible to place them directly into the correct position of the composite design already during design.

Now I make a copy of the relevant bodies (parts of a composite design) when they are ready and use these copies to compile the final composite design.

However, I realize that in doing so, some of the parametric advantages are lost.

Is my workflow correct? Or can I do this more efficiently?

Here is an example of the composite design and some parts (bodies).

I’ve started using a different approach here.

Rather than copying, I’m using the linear pattern tool.

This way I can make more copies by simply changing the pattern history.

If you want to add something to them (something that isn’t already in the history), then edit the original and then drag the pattern down to the bottom of the history list. This will replicate the changes across all of the objects in the pattern.

If you’ve moved objects from the pattern into different positions, you may have to drag these movements down to the bottom too, or the pattern just above them.

I hope this makes sense, I posted a video of this process on the Facebook group.

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More efficient way of apply changes to created copies is putting breakpoint just after original body, make all modifications and remove breakpoint. This way you don’t need to move any actions in the history, they already will be in the right place.


Does this work with changes or additions to the original that haven’t already been implemented? Like if you went back and added fillets where there wasn’t any before.

This is main reason :slight_smile:


Just tested this and you’re definitely right mate, it’s much more efficient than messing around with realigning parts.

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@Shaun @Xdrakosha Your joint solutions have given me an excellent solution. I just tested it and this is exactly what I couldn’t do. Perfect!

I found your video on Facebook. You should make a new version including Alex’s suggested addition and post it on this forum. I think you’ll make a lot of people happy with that…

It is strange that you ‘misuse’ the Pattern function for this in order to fully utilize parametric :wink: