Flat layout

I like this software. I would like to know if in the future the function “metal sheet” will be available. Would be possible to arrive to the flat layout starting from a formed shape? Thank-you in advance for your answer!

And we like you!

However, we don’t plan to add sheet metal to Shapr anytime soon.

I have tried to to the yearly subtraction today.
I’ m not sure if it worked out well. Could you please check?
Kindest regards

Hi Luigi - yes, I can see your yearly subscription.

You can also check if you tap on Account in More Menu (right side on the bottom of your screen)


Hey Daniel, loving the program, thank you!

I am also wondering about the sheet metal option for laying out the project flat. Has this been added yet?


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Hey Travis - no, this hasn’t been added yet and currently not among our priorities for this year

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