Sheet Metal Functionality

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Creating sheet metal parts with flat patterns

I work at a job shop and have a customer that uses Shapr3D. I would love to work on the same platform with him on his design but Shapr3D does not have sheet metal functionality.

The current work flow is to take his exported .x_t or .stp file and load it into Onshape or Solid Edge. I then convert it to a sheet metal file to create a flat pattern.

Typically when done I share it with my customer. If he sees a change needed then the process starts over again.

This creates many files and removes further from a “single source of truth”

Would love to see sheet metal functionality added so we can stay with one system and fewer files to maintain and update.

Thank you

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Hi Bryan. I would also love to see a flattening or unfolding. Function. I also do a lot of work in sheet metal and then have to flatten manually which is a ball arch. To get to a dxf pattern for cutting
The other way round is a lot easier. Dxf to body