For the suggestion bin: Terminator Vision

Hello all. I’m not really sure where to put this, so I hope someone sees it here. While searching for a better way to use Shapr in dim environments and on redeye flights, I stumbled across a color scheme that I think really deserves serious consideration as an official “Night Mode” pallete, and I achieved it using only inbuilt iOS filters and effects. I had to take the picture on my phone because filters aren’t carried into screenshots, but I really encourage anyone reading this to try it for yourself. I’ll put the settings below. Without further adeu, I give you, Terminator Vision:

This is an extremely usable, high-contrasting color scheme that fits the CAD environment like a glove, and i can’t overstate how easy it is on the eyes in low-light conditions.

This is an effect I achieved using two separate iOS filters, a deep red color filter on top of the “inverted” zoom filter. The deep red filter can be activated inside of settings → accessibility → display and text size → color filters → color tint (deep red). From there, head to settings → accessibility → zoom and activate full screen zoom at 0%. From there you can either call up the invert filter from the “Zoom Filter” menu in the Zoom screen, or by triple-tapping three fingers on the screen. Then, open up Shapr, triple tap your power button, activate your Zoom Invert filter and strap on T-800 goggles for yourself :smiley:

E: and before anyone points out the obvious that the solution to this problem already exists in the form of this workaround, putting both these filters together locks you out of pretty much every app that isn’t Shapr, as the transition back into iOS with an inverted pallet will sear your Home Screen into the backs of your eyeballs, especially in a dark environment. Therefore, this scheme would be amazing as an officially supported “dark-mode” pallete swap :slight_smile: