5.0 - Introducing dark mode

Hi everyone :rocket:

Treat yourself to an autumn update that’s full of pick-me-ups — guaranteed to maximize the app’s ease of use.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s new in 5.0:

  • New: Give your eyes a rest and save a bit of battery life with the app’s dark mode. Just turn on dark or automatic mode in the app settings.
  • Fixed: Sketch constraints are back in working order so you’ll be able to fine-tune your sketches without a hitch.
  • Fixed: We tinkered with the backend so the app won’t crash anymore in various scenarios: deleting circular centerlines in 2D drawings, extruding multiple faces selected via the Area Selection tool, and creating section views in 2D drawings.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the canvas controls for 2-point circular centerlines in 2D drawings glitched. Thanks to some tune-ups in the app, you’ll be able to effortlessly adjust those centerlines now.

Thank you for dark mode!!!


Great & Gives the design space when doing piping a very funky look


Thanks so much for this! It really does help with battery life!

I’ve been meaning to mention, I really like dark mode. Just one thing though…
Can there be a way to make the side bar tools more visible? I use the app so much that I can, for the most part, remember the icon of each tool. But the text under the tool is sometimes unreadable.

Maybe a solid color behind the tool icon and text would help :man_shrugging:t3:


Yes, we are definitely planning to improve text visibility.


Rest assured, Windows is also deep in the works :slight_smile:

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Yep, dear Developers!) I join the plead. Just tested the app. Everything is so great and promising, that I would be glad to pay for it. It’s just my eyesight condition does not allow me to use white theme apps, unfortunately. A dark theme for Windows would be so much welcomed! And please, check it will work with Windows’s High Contrast Themes, which are often used by the people with poor eyesight. The current version of Shapr just does not work with Windows High Contrast themes properly.

It’s coming to Windows very soon.

Deep Red text and accents would be an excellent accent choice to compliment this lovely dark mode! There’s a reason submarine red is the low-light visibility color of choice :grin:

Hello from a month later, is darkmode for windows here yet? :wink: xD It’s much needed for when i’m working late at night in the darkness of my unlit room lol

Not yet, but we are close.

Any update? Im very close to purchase for windows but dark mode is a must!
Thanks its a great software!