Forum usage from within App seems more difficult

Perhaps I’m missing something, but there seems to be no easy way to “go back from where you came from” when reading the forum from within the Shapr3D app, i.e. clicking the forum button on the start page.

It seems that once I read to the bottom of a possibly quite long topic, I then must manually scroll back to the top of the page (or at least move the blue “slider” before I can press/touch the “Shapr3D Forums” header — which then forces me ALL the way back to the beginning, even if I was within a sub-header, e.g. Latest or New.

Accessed from the Safari app, things work as expected (or, at least as I expect them :grin:) and the < on the menu bar (or better yet IMHO, the CMD-[ key combo) takes me back to the previous page.

Hopefully, I’m either missing something or you have a fix in the works. Easy access to the forum is a great idea as it saves me from perpetually keeping a Safari Tab always open to allow quick access to the often extremely useful and interesting information which is posted.

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On topic you are reading, place your finger on the left edge of the iPad and drag towards the right, this works for me. I found this to be annoying also and started looking for a back button or arrow to no avail. Hope this helps.

Thanks, that works. I did try single and multiple finger “swipes” in the middle of the page, but didn’t think to try all the way from the edge.

I’d still like to have a keyboard shortcut though. Ideally, the same as Safari and many other apps. When I’m reading and possibly commenting, I try to avoid switching back and forth from keyboard to pencil.

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