FYP - Multifunction Children Backpack

How might we provide parents with user-centred opportunities to travel with their children stress-free, by comprehensively understanding the unique developmental stages of children, and implementing strategies that effectively address stressors while promoting increased connection and bonding between parents and children during travel?

The Final submission was the images attached. This took into consideration several factors:

  • Parents were not willing to carry more items than the necessary ones for the trip;
  • Through a survey, key distractions were identified along with the pain points associated with these items;
  • Through observations, parents and children were carrying their own backpacks, this is mostly a reaction to low-cost travelling, where check-in luggage comes at a premium.
  • In-depth analysis of luggage restrictions for different airlines;
  • Analysis of other use cases where parents could benefit from this item: Restaurants, Daily commute, Waiting rooms, etc.
  • Integration with other items necessary when travelling with young children (Buggies/Prams, Other Luggage), taking into consideration lone parent travelling with children, and reduced mobility of parent.

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