Golf ball



Can you explain how you did make the holes around the golfball? I tried it, but without succes and I asked on this forum, but none could explain it. Thnx


Hi Cesarine, i make some video of that and share it with you.


Please me too. Thank you!


okay sure.


Thank you. I am looking

Here is the link of video i made that you requested. I reduce the number of dimples to save time and memory of video. But it will give you an idea how to do that.


Link do not work


share your email i will send the video by other mean


Thanx. I’m gonna look at it.
Greetz, Cesarine


Hi Cesarine, did you see video? Did you get idea?


I viewed the video. Thanks for sharing.




I have looked very quickly, but I understand the thing you’re showing. It looks great to me. Thank you again for explaining me! Within a several days I have time to draw it by myself.


Cesarine Hiddink