I cannot make the last 4 holes :cry:
The first 4 holes was no problem but on the other side it’s seems like it is impossible…

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vinkel 01.stp (380.1 KB)

What happens when you try to make them?

It’s hard to explain on English (I’m from Sweden) but i uploaded a step file if you want to try :slight_smile:

I’m just playing around with the app, so it’s not a big problem :grinning:

Can you post a video?

I don’t know how to make a video, sorry😥

Using your phone is fine :slight_smile:

Trying to upload a video, but this message is popping up! its a .mov file
I think it is a standard video format for a iPhone

I changed the permissions, try it now.


I sent a link to the Dropbox instead :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting, can you use the boolean subtract tool to subtract it?

Nope, I was trying that also. (In one of the videos above)
I think that I didn’t do it in right order, perhaps I shouldn’t have done the holes before i did the union (merge) of the parts…
Pardon my spelling :sweat: :joy:

vinkel 01.stp (380.1 KB)

If you are curious about it i uploaded the file again

Thanks, we will look into it. You may want to try creating the cylinders elsewhere, and moving them into place, and trying to subtract them after that. Also if you could share the .shapr file that would help.

vinkel 01.shapr (1.1 MB)

Did try that but it didn’t work

Love the app by the way :+1:t2:

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