Group management: naming a group

I found that when I change the name of a group shapr sets by default a name “process”. Then when I change this name in “name1” it is ok.


Thanks for reaching out. Are you using the latest version 3.0.4? We had a bug in an earlier release but this should be fixed now.

Yes, latest version.
I cannot replicate the issue every time…

Hi Joost - we will look into it. As Tibi said, this should be fixed but we will try to replicate it.

If you could give us any specifics on what you were doing when this issue happened that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

This is the name of the group which is “generated” by shapr: v@:q@?
I cannot change tha name anymore.

I also include the shapr file: “vaankop9”. (This is a 3d part to be printed for a “windvane selfsteering device” on my yacht)

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vaankop9.shapr (1.61 MB)

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Thanks Joost, we will look into it!

Thanks for your help Joost, the bug has been found and killed. You’ll find the fix in the next version (3.0.7, coming around next week)!

Same with me. I have that same issue!

We have successfully reproduced the issue, it will be fixed with the next release.