Rename group bug


Not had much time to assess over past few weeks. I am not able to name groups, this was the also the case in December (sorry, didn’t let you know)
Swipe rename, type in new group name ie. banana tap to accept and #@gh#r/: or similar displayed.




Hi Andy - this bug should be fixed :slight_smile: Do you have the latest, 3.0.4. version downloaded?


Hi Dan

All up to date 3.0.4. I am also suffering buffering when creating designs with several parts to it. The latest was when trying to recreate a wood block herringbone floor design, after copying about 30 blocks in increments each selection would result in a 2 to 3 second grey out and rotating sign.

From memory, I think the build I have is an updated beta, v4 is still installed but not used, v3 came through test flight and was then updated to 3.0.4.

Hope that helps



Hi Andy - please download the app from the App Store, just to be sure :slight_smile:

Group naming bug: Would you be able to send the workspace to
Buffering issue: Thanks for the report, and if you could send that workspace as well, that would be great. Generally we are working on this issue (the so cold slow buffering) and we hope to have a solution soon



Hi Dan

Am now using App Store V3.0.4. and renaming has worked so far. Still getting buffering on some projectcs.



Hi Andy- Great. Buffering we will work on :slight_smile: