Hardsurface Artists Suggestions

Hello, I would like to suggest adding an import/export for the FBX format, as it would allow both myself and my team to eliminate the need to use Fusion 360 from our pipeline.

Currently we import reference meshes for the purposes of game design and build around the imported geometry using Fusion 360. Usually once I have the new model blocked out I will import it into Shapr for final detail and adding mechanical functions that will later be animated. Afterwards, I have to export as a .step into Moi 3d to once again export as an .fbx to be used in 3ds max. Moi has an export option that creates ngons from cad data, which has become a huge help in the cad game art pipeline.

As you can see, I’m jumping around multiple applications just to make full use of Shapr and would appreciate having fewer steps (no pun intended)



Would .glTF/.GLB suffice instead of .fbx? It supports hierarchical scenes, pbr materials and has good support with most 3D modeling software (sometimes via add-ins). I am asking because other ppl asked for .fbx too (see this thread) and it seemed that they could make use of glTF as well.

(Note that Shapr3D currently doesn’t have glTF export either, nor planned to support it at the moment. But if we put a new 3D mesh format export on our roadmap, it would likely be .glTF instead of .fbx.)