.obj .fbx export with materials and colors

1- Will the .obj files be included with colors and textures? Right now they are only monocolor when importing in external software. Even when including vertex colors is checked.
2. Will .fbx export included?
I am asking this because I use twinmotion as rendering software and texturing is very complex due to monocolor obj files.
3. Is it possible to expect a link between twinmotion and shapr3d?


For the OBJ, it depends on the software you import it to. Most doesn’t support vertex colors, even if we include them in the export. Which software are you using? Do they support the vertex colors for OBJ?

I am using Twinmotion. I do import .fbx files from other sources with colors and textures included. Only the .obj files from shapr are mono-textured. This means I have to first split bodies to texture edges , etc, which I would like to avoid, because its very labor intensive. I am checking the twinmotion forums now. Its seems there is a bug there.

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