Is it OK to post about HBPM in one of the non-HBPM conversations?

I was thinking about posting something like this in the “Shar Your Creations” topic.


When I started 3D printing a long time ago, my hunt for a CAD that I could use to support my hobby started. I had really only used 2D AutoCAD back then and maybe SketchUp. I personally found it more interesting to talk about how I would draw/design something rather than what bed temperatures, speeds, and feeds I use.

I’ve tried many (most?) different 3D-enabling CADs since then. This is the first design I made specifially for 3D printing which I eventually uploaded to Thingiverse a decade ago: Printable S-Hook. I still use OpenSCAD for “variable-based” drawing sometimes.

Today, I finally reproduced this in Shapr3D’s parametric alpha version. I know it is not a super complex thing, but it brings me great joy to finally be able to design a “parametric” thing in Shapr3D visually rather than try and code it in a tool like openSCAD

Those parametric S-Hooks I printed over a decade ago are still hanging and are being used today :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking — feel free to share it in the public part of the forum as well! We always like a good use case and we are happy to get some promotion for the beta program :slight_smile: