Help drawing a corrugated pipe

Hello everyone, my name is Jörg and I live in Lauchhammer, Germany. This is near Berlin and Dresden. I have been drawing 1/24 scale parts for my slot racing hobby with shapr3d for about 7 months.

I now need a part for a rear dummy from the Porsche 917. It is a corrugated tube for the left and right side of the intake openings. Who can help me or show me how I could draw the part? Attached is a picture of what it looks like as a resin impression.

Thanks for the support Joerg

Towards the end of this thread, I show how to add rings around an ever enlarging spiral. No need to do the enlarging in your case. Hope this helps.

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Hi Mike, that’s not what I need. I need a curved tube that consists of a large ring and then a small ring again. Either draw as a solid material in advance and then hollow it out or draw it hollow right away. Finally, you can cut it in half to get the flat shape. My problem and question is, how can I generally draw such a part and can I get help with it?

Thank you Jörg