Help reproducing this?!

Hi guys.
Can someone help me reproducing this?!
I don’t know how to reproduce the deep inside :confused:

Sketch half of the Pulley Section Profile Circle then Tools > Revolve to create the Pulley
Note: The following has simply used a Cylinder and so has nil Belt Grooves
Double Tap with finger on Top Side/Face of Pulley
Sketch Circles for the Bore and Recess Profiles
Sketch Ribs starting with the Horizontal pair then Transform > Move and click the + box
Rotate 60 deg then repeat 120 deg

Sketch > Trim as per middle pulley
On right most pulley the Bore was clicked and pushed right through
Then all deep recesses were selected and pushed down6
Followed by all the reinforcement ribs
Finish off by Chamfer/Fillet/Radius as required

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Adding to previous answer:
to add the indentations running around the circumference do a sketch of the desired shape, revolve around axis and substract from shape.

Detailed steps:

  1. add construction axis, through cylinder (this will add the central axis for revolution)
  2. add constuction plane through the axis you just created. angle doesnt matter
  3. double click on plane and switch to section view. The model should have been cut in half now.
  4. use project and construction tools (spline/circle) to sketch out the desired channels
  5. go to tools, revolve, mark the profile you just sketched, n the next step choose the construction axis and revolve
  6. substract revolved profiles from body

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Sorry I was correcting my omission while you were posting.

Hey, dont worry. You already made a great explanation for 90% of the way with screenshots and all