Help with snapping already made objects to grid

I don’t have a clue on how to move objects across the grid (that is locked to 10mm).

Now, I am coming from Tinkercad that is much more simplified, but I don’t see how snap to grid would hurt, cause I’d like to also have the ability to orient around the grid instead of the object (cause then I don’t really need the grid anymore). I hope I’m just doing something wrong cause I’d like to use Shapr, but I just don’t know how to move around. And the reason why I’m going is due to the Apple Pencil feeling good when creating objects, much faster than using Tinkercad (and sometimes I’d like to use the iPad). I understand that there are other ways to do what I want, but I’ve just adapted to how Tinkercad works.
And usage of align or translate feels cumbersome, and if I use a line and afterward delete that line, it just goes back to where it was. And I’d have to use align every single time. So yeah, is there a chance to use snap to grid for objects, I’d love it.