Hexagonal EM Coil

I can revolve a circle to make a cylindrical coil, but how do i make that coil conform to a different shape like a hexagonal block.

Hi, Is this what you mean?

Yeah basically. I’ve got a hexagon shaped block that I’d like to wrap coil wire around and keep the shape. That example on the right would be perfect I think. But I need to be 20,000 Degrees mimicking a very tightly coiled wire around a hexagonally shaped spindle.

Alright, here is one solution:

  1. Draw the shape of the block that you’d like to wrap a coil around and create a circle orthogonal to the trajectory of the line at that point. Note! You need to use spline(control) to draw the shape of the body. The sharp edges will not allow for a body that can be transformed using this method!

  2. Click the circle and shape and then use Loft. Hide the body, scale the circle, display body, click circle and extrude(effectively removing a small part of the body).

  3. Select the face of the body, click Move/rotate and drag up.

  4. Duplicate body, transform position upwards the same distance you draged up the face in part 3.

  5. Click the two “almost” intersecting faces of the body and then loft. Combine all three shapes using “union”. Now, select the entire body and transform position (as in the previous step) until you have the required number of rotations.

  6. Visualize !^^

Using this method, and rotating 20k degrees around a hexagonal shape :

Hope that Helps!

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Thats great! thanks for the info!

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An other way could be to create a rounded hexagone using control spline and extrude it, then revolve a square coil and use replace face with the rounded hexagone. You now have an edge suitable for sweeping the coil around the hexagonal core.
note: for unknown reason, the sweep does not work well for more than about 10 turns, so I used 10 turns sweep and duplicated the coil


Here’s a way. All that’s missing is the hexagon spindle.


This is fantastic!!! Thanks again for the save!

Hi PEC. Quick question on your example there. I noticed your hexagon corners are rounded and when you extrude the corners don’t have dividing lines as mine does. How did you round the corners without dividing lines? Thanks


I use a single spline in control mode to create the rounded hexagone. To get something close to the hexagone, I use 3 control points per vertex. I draw a circle slightly smaller than the hexagone and use the intersection as reference to the control points. The video show it all.


Hello again. Thanks for that info. Helped out a lot! I got a random question hope you can help out again I have dividing lines between copied and stacked bodies I was wondering if it were possible to remove those lines as I’m trying to have solid copper wire

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove the line at the boudary of copies. But you will not see it using material or export image.

note: for unknown reason, the sweep does not work well for more than about 10 turns, so I used 10 turns sweep and duplicated the coil

I opened a ticket for this issue, which seems to be ultimately on parasolid side.

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Word. Thanks for the reply