Hovering over image makes it hard to see

Hello All,

An imported image containing thin lines or numbers (dimensions) becomes very hard to see when you hover over the image.

This is very inconvenient if you are using such an image as a reference image, and you have to zoom in on the image each time for details. See the added video.

Is there any way to avoid this? Thank you in advance for your response.

MacBook Pro (Apple M1 Pro)
macOS 13.6.1
Shapr3D 5.490.0 (5951)

Hello Jan-Willem,

Yes, same issue. On .jgeg I have noticed this issue, but it seems better than .pdf. On other formats I haven’t extensively tried yet, (.tiff, .png), but it may be a format issue?

Thanks for your comment @Cjacob. The file format I used in the example is a png.
I’m going to test with a pdf file and let you know what the results are.

Update - I converted the file from png to pdf format. The result has remained the same. Other people may be honored with a suggestion…

Hello Shapr3D Support,

Is there anything in the program to set or adjust my way of working so that the poor display of an image can be prevented when I hover over it with my mouse?

A reply from support on this issue would be very helpful. This is very inconvenient when working off blue prints


You may wish to try .tiff, this seems to work best for me. File size is much bigger though.

@Raytristani I tested it, but unfortunately the result is equal to a JPG file… For an iMac OS version (5.601.0 (6803)) so not the solution…