How to create a Hollow Sphere

Hey guys,
I’m out here trying to create a hollow sphere. I am new to this and so I have no idea how to make it happen. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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This route to a HollowSphere may be of interest to you?
HollowSphere.shapr (116 KB)

The above shapr. File was created by:
Sketch > Circle [from Center]
Add > Construction Plane type Offset by hitting the Closed Sketch of the Circle > hit Next > Hit Done [do not Offset this Construction Plane by entering any measurement].
Sketch > Line/Curve > draw a Line across the Circle passing through it’s centre.
Sketch > Trim tap one half of the Circle [good idea to next tap on Line/Curve to avoid unwanted Trim taking place]
Tools > Revolve to form the Whole Sphere
Items > Select Sketch 01 > hit Delete
Items > Body 01 [the Sphere] > hide by clicking on the Eye Icon to the right
Tap using your finger on the Construction Plane
Sketch > Rectangle > draw a rectangle larger than your Sphere
Unhide Body 01 [the Sphere]
Click to Select the Rectangle, and then draw it up to delete the top half of the Sphere
Tools > Shell > click on the flat top face of the half Shere > Next > set the Thickness [above top left].
Transform > Mirror > if the Half Sphere is not selected click on it > Next select the Construction Plane
The Sphere bottom half will Mirror forming a New Hollow Top Half.
Tools > Union > the two half Spheres if that is what you want to do.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

You can go @Gelphyn’s way - it is a great solution - thanks for sharing

or you can create two simple arcs (half circles) and Revolve that. Here is a video:


Thank you very much. This helped a lot. :blush:

This is exactly what I was close to figuring out the first time but revolve wasn’t working. This way is much faster. It’s a good thing I learned both ways. Thank you. :pray: