How to cut this object into two pieces?

Hi there.
How can i cut this object into 2 pieces, along the red line (through the center of the hole) and along the entire height of the object body?

Thanks for a hint.


Use the offset tool to make a construction plan .
On this plane draw a rectangle (bigger then your objects), extrude, and substract. You shuld make it to two direction. But at first make copy from your objects.


Ok… I somehow managed to get this to work yesterday but trashed my object and am working from scratch again and its not working this time. There must be something I’ve missed… Thoughts?? When I create the construction plane, if I disable the sketch plane and go to create the rectangle that will be used to remove part of my cone, as soon as I start creating the rectangle the sketch plane reappears. I just don’t recall what exactly I did yesterday but today I’m taking notes so I will remember what the ultimate solution is this time… Help!?!

Hope you find this useful.
Sorry to read that you have experienced learning the hard way. Unfortunately this will not help you to recover your original Design. If the following does not help with your Project just shout.

The paramount requirement is to keep the Original safe even if you think you know exactly what to do and even if you have performed a particular task successfully on previous occasions.
ALWAYS work with a properly Named Duplicate, to ensure there is absolutely no doubt as to what similar Designs have the latest modifications.

The most efficient MO is to tap on the Designs Thumbnails Page Icon [4 rectangles at top left].
Tap and Hold the Appropriate Design.
Then select Duplicate from the Options that appear toward top right.
Give the Design Copy an appropriate Name.
This whole process takes much less time to achieve than it does to write it up.

Open this newly created Design, e.g., say something like this:
Note the details in Items, on left, the individual Bodies have been subjected to Tools > Union and are represented as Body 01 (1).
EDIT: Working on improvement to creation of a Duplicate Body, it has been found that:
Selecting Body 01 (1)
hitting the ✚ Icon
Then either:
Moving the Direction Arrow then immediately moving it back to the original position
Moving the Direction Arrow > then typing in 0 [Zero] and hitting the Green Checkbox, effectively cancelling the Move > results in a Duplicate Body in the original position.
In the second Screenshot Body 01(1), after hitting the ✚ Icon, has been moved 60mm [go with the flow of the Snap distances available]. Then hitting the ✚ Icon again to turn the Copy Feature Off it is moved back to it’s original position. On completion observe in Items that Body 01 (2) is now present.

In Items Hide Body 01 (2)
Use Add > Construction plane > offset and select an appropriate Face on Body 01 (1) from which a suitable Plane can be generated. Hit Next and move the Double Arrow to give, say, a 20mm Offset.
Double tap with a Finger on the new Plane to provide the view shown in the next ScreenShot.
Use Sketch > Rectangle > Diagonal and Sketch two Rectangles with their Edges touching at the point where the Body will be split/separated/whatever.
Next Select the upper Rectangle, in this case Body 01 (1) is going to be the Base Body.

Move the Double Arrow completely through the Body in one movement.
Then Hide Body 01 (1) and Unhide Body 01 (2)
In the next ScreenShot Body swap has been achieved, observe the detail in Items, and the lower Rectangle has ben Selected:

Again drag the Double Arrow through the Body to leave the Cap Body.
Unhide Body 01 (1) and the task is complete:

There are many alternative ways to achieve the desired result, the above avoids realignment, although focus on the process is important to reach the goal.

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Thanks so much for the VERY detailed instructions! just what I needed… I’ve taken notes so that I wont get into a pinch this way again…! Thanks again!!

You are very welcome.
You could try using the Search Feature [Magnifying Glass] at the top right of every Forum Page. rather than taking Notes?