Splitting a model into two parts

Is it possible to split a to-scale model into two parts to print separately?

Yes, but it’s a bit tricky. There are multiple ways to accomplish it; here’s one:

Create a construction plane through the model where you want the split and draw a rectangle on the plane larger than the maximum cross-section of the model. Make a copy of the model in the same location. Select one model instance (using the left sidebar) and extrude the drawn rectangle through the model in one direction, which should remove that end of the model. Select the other instance and extrude the drawn rectangle through it the other direction, which should remove the other end of the model.

A Split Body tool is high on my wish list for Shapr3D.

Good slicers will split you body as well

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Hy The Bum,
I am just trying to split a model of a very detailled VW Transporter to design some furniture in the inside, but I am not able to cut the vehicle according to your description. Is it possible to you to explain it a bit more in detail ? I am stucking after creating the construction plane. That would be great, thank you !

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Thank you very much.

That’s the first step. The next step is to select the plane and then select the Sketch tool. That will rotate the workspace so that the plane is in drawing position. Then draw a rectangle larger than the profile of the model. It’s that rectangle that you would extrude through to erase one half of one model instance and the other half of the other model instance. To create the second model instance, select the object, select the Move tool, tap the tiny + icon, drag a given distance, tap the + icon again to turn off copying, and then move the copy you created back the other way so that it’s occupying the same space as the original.


In this case, since the model is asymmetric, it might be a better idea to copy the whole thing together with the construction plane to duplicate it, and cut the separate models, otherwise a nice workaround!

It does not cut the model under no circumstances…
Extruding the rectangle through the model by using substraction or cutting causes an error message…

Duplicate the model right in front the original model

Half them both using that plane

Ps: including all bodies, Yeah could be enormous :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, MrJack88, but how do I manage to half them.
What tool should I use, because substracting is not possible ?

Nah … just make a rectangular shape big as the model on the plane then use extrude tool
Sometimes remove tools does not activate
Use subtract tool then

The extruding tool does not cut away the model… substract neither…Trying to extrude…

Do you hide the bodies before extruding ?
Hide the model bodies then select the the rectangle to extrude then unhide and extrude

When you make a shape around a body and you want to extrude
It will not extrude where that body and sketch intersects unless you select that area

It does consider that intersection as another sketch inside the sketch and treated accordingly

If that did not work for some reason
What you could do is

  • draw a perpendicular line on the plane

  • draw a rectangular on another perpendicular plane to the one you use

  • Translate the rectangular shape on center to the line

  • Make the rectangular as long as the model and as thin as possible

Then extrude :slightly_smiling_face:

I made the rectangular 1mm thin… no way…

I am trying you check this from an other side of view…

This model was imported as STEP file. Are there possibilities to protect a STEP file against modifications ? This would explain a lot…

Any answers would be highly appreciated !

Hi there,
There’s nothing like a visual representation. It pretty much captures what others were trying to describe. Here I took a slightly different approach to splitting this particular body. Note that I didn’t need to make a construction plane as the body is centered on one of the origin planes where I sketched the rectangle.


Here’s another approach.


Thats Gold man Thank you for posting. R

Thank you Mke, I’m humbled every time come in this forum.