How to draw a line on y axis

I am trying to draw a line on the y axis without drawing a shape and extruding it. How do I do this? Thanks!


Could you explain a bit what exactly are you trying to achieve? Drawing on the axis should be as simple as that.

Yeah, but how do I draw a line on the blue one? and without going to the 0,0 axis area like where you were in the video? Thanks!

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For that you can use the Orientation cube on the top right corner. If you click on the “Right” face, the sketch plane will be the ZY plane, where you can sketch on the line.

You can also use the “View” menu for that, and if you want, specify the grid position too.

ok thanks!

When I do it, it takes me over to the axis area. how can I draw this line over by my other objects and not on the axis area? Thanks! like when I draw it I have to then copy that one line and then translate it next to my other objects. how do I write a straight up and down line next to my other objects? Thanks!

So if i get you right you want to draw on a existing planar face of your body?

  • Just klick on your face and klick the Sketch-Button on the left side.

Have you considered watching the very good video tutorials the Team of Shapr3D provides here:

I think this will be answer to questions you did not even know about right now! :wink:
Happy 3D-modelling.
Cheers Matt

I tried watching the videos and they don’t have my answer. Let me try to explain better. So say I have a cube and like to the side of it but next to it still so like 5 mm to the side or something. I want to draw a straight up and down line on it. When I try drawing straight up and down by going to the cube on the top right and clicking the ¨right face¨. it puts my sketching in 2d and then when I am done it puts it all the way on the blue and green axis. Which is really far away from where I need to draw it next to my cube. So my question is how do I draw a line on the blue axis without it moving far from my cube? Thanks!

Could you record a short video about the issue? Sorry but I don’t exactly get what you are trying currently, and what doesn’t work. Thank you!

I can when I get home because I don´t have software with me to record the video.

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