Adding sketches to the right plane

A beginners question I’m afraid. I’m struggling with placing 2D sketch shapes in the correct plane. To explain:

I’m trying to draw a cubic body with a cylinder projecting from the top surface.

I set my view to top and draw a rectangle. This places the rectangle on the reference X Y plane. I switch to a 3D view and extrude the rectangle in the Z direction by, say 5mm. So the top face of this body is now in the XY plane but 5mm up in Z. Let’s call this plane P. Now I want to add a cylinder whose base is on plane P and extends 10 mm in Z, ie 15mm from the reference XY plane. So I need to draw a 2D circle and extrude it. The bit I’m stuck on is how to start that circle on plane P. If I go to top view and sketch it, I end up with it on the reference XY plane. What I really want to do is sketch it on plane P.

As I said, I’m new to this, so I’m perfectly happy to be told I’m going about this in totally the wrong way!

I am not sure if I understand correctly, can you post a screenshot?

If you double tap on a face with your fingers, the grid will move onto it, and the camera will zoom on it. From that view if something is over your sketch plane, you can turn on the section view (button in the bottom of the screen) to hide everything over the grid.

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My mistake. I did not realise that the grid moved up to a selected plane. Lots to learn…


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Happy to help anytime.