How to increase the length of straight line to both sides

Every time I increase the length,it will extend to the right.
So how to increase the length of straight line to both sides.

Hi - the length of the line increases towards the direction you drag the selection arrow after you tap to select one of the points at the end of the line. You can tap on either point at the end of the line and then drag the arrow towards the direction you want the line extended.

What would you expect as default behaviour?

Hi,victor. Thank you for saying that it works, but it’s not what I want. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. Please see the picture below. I want to adjust the length to achieve average increase of both ends, instead of simply extending to the right.

If I could, I’d like to add the option of changing the value, increasing the average direction of both ends.

We are about to change how rectangles are implemented. From user point of view it means, when you change dimensions:

  • if you created a center rectangle, it will grow from center
  • if you used a diagonal rectangle it will grow from start to endpoint

When I saw your reply, I tried it immediately, but no matter which method it was, it would extend to the right.
My version is 3.24(11597) , I wonder if it is related to this.
Because the video tutorial I read is achievable.
I can’t upload video, so attach the link of video to watch from 4:40.

Oh, I get your problem now - thanks for the visuals. Let me look into what the problem can be

Thank you Daniel, look forward to your reply.

I said “We are about to change…” it’s not live yet, it’s developed right now :slight_smile: