Adjusting length of line moves entire drawing

I think this is a problem with locking or constraints, but it’s been happening recently when I draw a line for my sketch and then adjust the length of a line, it moves my entire drawing over instead of shortening the line I just drew.
It’s incredibly frustrating and effects the entire project. It’s not connected to anything else, just one end connected to the drawing. Please help me turn off whatever is effecting this, it threatens the entire project when it does this, for a worry I’m not catching it every time and my measurements will be off.

Probably the line is constrained to another sketch. Can you post a screenshot or a video?

When adding a constraint to multiple sketches the order of the selection defines which one will be preferred to move.

Yes I will, it’s just odd and interrupts the flow, I’m drawing a new line on a sketch and defining the length immediately, yet it adjusts the “wrong end” of the length.

there seem to be all these new constraints and locking points added recently that make drawing and adjusting sketches really difficult and annoying to work with. I will add a video to show the way it interrupts the work flow.

I’m not able to upload the file, I will email it

I’ve been having the same issue. It is driving me crazy. I feel like I have to lock everything now to get it to work. I have hundreds of drawings of airplane parts to cut on the CNC, and it is a real struggle to get through them all.

Here is an example I am drawing a 65x100 rect and then I need to put a 19mm cross brace at 100mm from the bottom and it moves the rest instead of making the selected line longer. So I end up locking a lot of stuff now.

Also, wood grain direction is very important for structure so would be super cool if I could set the grain direction correctly in visualization. Well, and to pile on, I will have hundreds of drawings (dxf), so would be nice if I could export them all at once instead of going in and exporting one at a time.


Same here I thought it was normal ?
the only bypass is too lock the part of the line you d don’t want to move