How to make round, curved “rings”

Please see attached. I have tried everything that I know (which isn’t much yet) to make the top ring of this graphic. I want it to look like the post but can’t figure how to make a curved ring. Any advice would really help.

Thank you in advance.1E478DC5-0FEF-4200-B94A-C172F40B736A

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Use the sweep function.

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Here’s a video:


Yes, that worked perfectly! Thank you.

Hey Gabor,
How do you record those cool videos, showing the Apple Pencil and finger spots for pinching and zooming in? Do you have a special version of Shapr3D?

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As Robert pointed out:

Step 1: enable tutorial mode

  • go to iPad Settings
  • select the Shapr3D app
  • turn on Tutorial mode (requires restarting the app to be active)

Step 2: record videos using iOS 11

  • in iOS 11 you can record the screen of the iPad
  • you can enable it in the control panel of the iPad
  • start the recording, open Shapr3D, model
  • open the control panel to stop the recording
  • edit the video (cut the beginning / end if needed) in the Photos app on the iPad
  • you are ready to share the videos (save to iCloud, upload to Youtube, email to others etc)
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